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StaTact workshop for ONE, Dominican Republic

Captura de pantalla 2023 05 31 222237

The StaTact workshop for the National Statistics Office (ONE) of the Dominican Republic, was held on the 25th and 31st of May 2023. The workshop was attended by 9 participants from the technical and managerial staff of ONE. The general objective of this workshop was to introduce the StaTact tool to the participants and work around specific measurement problems that were of interest to the ONE of the Dominican Republic.

The measurement problem analyzed was taken from the PES Cultural Improvement profile sheets.

100% of the respondents to the poll confirmed the usefulness of the StaTact tool for addressing data problems using relevant data sources. All the respondents also reported their intent to apply the acquired knowledge and skills about StaTact.

The dedicated project of ONE stays open for any further elaborations after the workshop and UNITAR remains available to support the use of StaTact.