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New features of web-based StaTact to support short-term statistical planning and monitoring

Sta Tact online

After having been used by 15 pilot countries, primarily African and Asian LDCs, and one SIDS country in 2018, StaTact moved online in early 2019.

The online version of StaTact was used by 13 Small Island Developing States to date. In addition to its initial 5-stage process, the new version of StaTact offers an online chat tool to facilitate interactions outside of meetings, an automated print out of the StaTact action plan in a PDF format to enable Working Groups to communicate on and share their plan when needed, an upgraded dynamic action plan dashboard, and a brand new monitoring stage that helps Working Groups to track and review progress on the implementation of the plan and make course corrections when required. The online version of StaTact also enables countries to appoint national administrators who can create Working Groups around specific measurement issues their NSO or other members of NSS want to address in a short run using StaTact.

A process to StaTact and collect feedback was launched in July 2019 with the participation of a limited number of StaTact countries to be expanded to additional ones. The initial reactions from countries related to the strengthening of certain features and addition of news ones will inform the next stage of StaTact development online. Some of the future options would include among others stronger social and chat tools on choice, a national administrator panel, links to other statistical planning tools such as NSDS, new templates, and a library of good practices and practice sharing authorization functions.

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