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StaTact workshop for INEC, Panama

INEC Panama Participants Picture 2

The StaTact workshop for the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC) of Panama, was held on October 11 and 13, 2022. The workshop was attended by 20 participants from INEC technical and managerial staff. The general objective of this workshop was to introduce the StaTact tool to the participants and develop various measurement problems that were of interest to INEC.

The measurement problems developed in the workshop were related to the creation of the SDG monitoring mechanism, updating the income registry, and climate change survey.

At the end of the workshop, around 92 % found the StaTact as a useful tool for addressing data problems using relevant data sources, as well as relevant to address the lack or planning of data and effective in addressing missing or planning data. More than 90% of the participants also stated that they wish to use the acquired knowledge and skills during the workshop.

As a follow-up, INEC would like to explore the possibility of carrying out other StaTact workshops for more specific areas of INEC.