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StaTact workshop for INEI, Peru

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The StaTact workshop for the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI), Peru, was held on September 6, 2022. This workshop was attended by 67 participants from the staff of the national and technical directorates of the INEI. The general objective of this workshop was to present an executive version of the StaTact tool to INEI technical staff through the development of the analysis of a measurement problem that was of interest to all areas.

The main measurement problem discussed in the workshop was the lack of updating of the computer equipment and software to improve the collection and analysis of statistical information by INEI.

87% of participants (22 respondents) found StaTact useful for solving future measurement problems and the knowledge is relevant to their tasks. 95% of them stated that StaTact is an effective tool to address data problems and its relevance to their work. The majority (79%) confirmed their intent to use the information acquired in the future.

INEI expressed interest in continuing to explore the StaTact tool to analyze data measurement problems as well as carrying out workshops for specific areas of the INEI with smaller work teams and with a longer duration of the workshop.