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StaTact workshop in Uganda

StaTact workshop in Uganda

On 11 – 12 June 2019 Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) together with UNITAR and UN Statistics Division in collaboration with UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) held a national StaTact workshop in Kampala, Uganda. This workshop was initiated to review selected challenges related to the implementation of the Extension of the UBOS Strategic Plan for Statistics 2018 – 2020 in its pre-final year and train participants on the use of tactical approach and StaTact in their work.

Around 50 participants from UBOS, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development, Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Education and Sports, Ministry of Water and Environment and other Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) attended the workshop. As a result, 7 groups were formed to deal with measurement issues in the following areas: data gaps in housing information for proper planning, compliance with data sharing in the law, statistical function within the MDAs, disaggregation of Crime Statistics, administrative data, statistical analysis and definitions (i.e. disguised employment), and use of CAPI across the MDAs.

While the workshop provided space for discussions around above data problems, and identification of possible solutions, its main objective was to train participants on how to navigate statistical planning in a tactical way by setting realistic short-term objectives and identify opportunities to reach them within a 6-12 month timeline. StaTact has also contributed to improving a dialogue between different data producers and users on urgent data-related problems in connection with the extension of UBOS Strategic Plan for Statistics 2018-2020 and monitoring of the SDGs. The workshop was opened by Mr. John Mayende, Director of Statistical Coordination Services, on behalf of the Executive Director of UBOS, Dr. Chris Ndatira Mukiza. In addition to the introduction to StaTact and data governance presentations by UNITAR and UNSD respectively, a representative of UNECA by Mr. Leandre Ngogang has provided an overview of the African Charter on Statistics.

StaTact tool is currently undergoing an upgrade that includes the finalization of the monitoring stage being finalized, the function to print out action plans in PDF and some further fine-tuning based on feedback received from Asia-Pacific SIDS and Uganda. The new features will be launched before the end of August 2019.